Bergen, Norway
12-19 Sept 2018
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Breathwork for Inner Healing *Tysnes*
Spiritual Breath
Breathwork for Mind and Body
Breathwork for Trauma Releasing
Breathing in Everyday
3 Day Fundamental Course
Breathing in Relationships
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Breath Mastery Events

        with Dan Brulé


About Our Events

We welcome you to our events in the heart of beautiful Bergen, Norway. Our events are focused on creating community, personal development and supportive group dynamics. We are so honored to learn and breathe with breath master and our mentor Dan Brule. He is funny, laid back and one of the most knowledgeable human about breath.

If you have reached a certain level of excelience in your field and you have not fully engaged  the power of your breath or not made connections to breathing, something amazing is waiting for you,  something to take you to you the next level. The breath is the key to unlocking whatever the next high possibly is for you. Sometimes it's a matter of maintance current level of energy with fraction of effort or reach higher levels with no effort, simply the power of breath will take you there.


About Dan Brulé

Pioneer in the field of breathwork

There are a lot of experts in the breathing space. Very few have the experience that Dan has. To learn more about breathing it only makes sense to learn from the best. While travelling to over 55 countries in the last 40 years and training more than 125,000 people, Dan has mastered the art of sustaining his energy and focus. He can shorten your learning curve while broadening and deepening your practice.

''Dan Brulé is a true master and deeply inspiring''

- Mark Divine - Retired Navy Seal - NYT best selling author The Way of the Seal and Unbeatable Mind

“Dan is a world traveler who has presented breathwork successfully in more cultures and diverse settings than practically anyone on the planet.”

- Jim Morningstar, PhD; Author of Breathing in Light and Love and The Complete Breath

“Breath is the ultimate key to your well-being, and if done right, it has the power to transform your entire life—physical, mental, and spiritual… and Dan Brulé is the master to show you how… I love his coaching and it’s made a huge impact in my life.”

- Tony Robbins . #1 in Business and life coaching


Your Hosts

Elisabeth Finocchiaro

Lars Leknes Auran

Lars Leknes Auran. Gestalt and Breath Therapist. Living in Tysnes, he works for inluding all aspects for healing and leads breath circles and meditations around Bergen area.

Breath Therapist, Course leader & Mentor. Living in Bergen, running her company, Uplift Events to make a difference in everyday life in schools, business' and people.

In cooperation with Bergen Stressmestringssenter

Bergen Stressmestringssenter offers help and services for people who want focus on health and coping to achieve better quality of life. The center looks at stress management as a fundamental factor in preventing disease, dealing with difficult life situations, such as life crises, relationship challenges, difficult work situations. The center emphasizes an offer in which body, thoughts and feelings, in combination with breath are in focus. Various methods, techniques and working models are used as a supplement in our work.

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